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Jasper and Whiskey by GalaxyEclipse Jasper and Whiskey :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 2 0 Reno by GalaxyEclipse Reno :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 1 0 Cinnamon by GalaxyEclipse Cinnamon :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 1 0 Jasper by GalaxyEclipse Jasper :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 1 0 Ouran High School Host Club Shipping Meme by GalaxyEclipse Ouran High School Host Club Shipping Meme :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 5 0
Let's Walk Together
"Fujiwarano Sai from the Hein period tutored the emperor in go. After a dispute with the other instructor the two masters were ordered to play a game against each other, pivotal in the careers of both. The winner would remain at the palace and the other would have to move on elsewhere. Sai was falsely accused of cheating during the match and was exciled, resulting in his decision to commit suicide in a river three days later."
Hikaru paused to glance out the window, and idly noticed that there was a crushed fly on the outside of the glass. His free-write was supposed to be about an important historical figure, and it was worth quite an amount in his final exams. He never paid attention in class, or actually researched for papers so in his mind choosing Sai was the obvious thing to do since he could just ask about what his life had been like.
Smiling he turned back to the classroom and looked at where Sai would normally crouch next to his desk. Flinching back when an empty space filled
:icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 0 0
24 Hours
Her mother had twenty four hours to prove that she wasn't abusive and that she deserved custody. How her deranged mom planned to pull off such a thing Erza didn't know; she had been beaten on a daily basis since she was five years old. Her deadbeat father had gotten killed in a bar fight, and with even less money than before her semi-respectable mother turned to drinking away her self-induced sorrows.
But as long as she lied and told the police that her guardian was a loving and caring maternal figure there would be nothing to dispute her testimony; her mother would strip the house clean of any potential evidence, and Erza Scarlet, now in her freshman year of high school, had no friends. There wasn't a single soul who knew about her less than acceptable home life, and there was probably no one who ever would. Day after day the scarlet haired teen trekked the mile to her campus after her morning "punishment", walking through the double doors like she was fighting off death itself.
It wa
:icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 1 1
Worst Non-Anime Fandoms by GalaxyEclipse Worst Non-Anime Fandoms :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 2 4 Tiger and Bunny Shipping Meme by GalaxyEclipse Tiger and Bunny Shipping Meme :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 1 0
Rise of the Fire Dragon
This is based on Fairy Tail 2014 episode 15, so there are major SPOILERS take heed if you haven't seen it yet!
"Lucy!" I could hear the fear in my own voice as I struggled to block her from to bolt of shadows. I could feel my fingers brush lightly against the darkness; it was composed of pure, unimaginable pain. If it thrust me with my thick skin into turmoil, how wretched would Lucy feel? It was a slow motion impact, as if time itself had slowed down to prolong my suffering. When future-Lucy fell instead my agony didn't fade; she was still the same person, just a few years older. I barely saw the current Lucy and Happy race to her side, my mind was already miles away.
I had seen Lucy in terrible situations before, but somehow they didn't amount to this. Any sorrow or anger I may have released in retaliation prior to the present paled in comparison. Being blown up inside Nirvana? Being tortured by Minerva and Flare? Suddenly those events amounted to almost nothing. Eve
:icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 0 0
Death Note Shipping Meme by GalaxyEclipse Death Note Shipping Meme :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 18 5 Black Butler Shipping Meme by GalaxyEclipse Black Butler Shipping Meme :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 54 17 Vampire Knight Shipping Meme by GalaxyEclipse Vampire Knight Shipping Meme :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 9 9
Is This Paradise?
Slowly he opened his eyes and saw what he could only describe as paradise. The lush grass, clear streams and herds of deer, it was all that he had ever dreamed of! Granny was even there, softly murmuring to him and gently stroking his glossy fur with her withered fingers. The scents in this place made him feel so alive, and his instincts were telling him that as long as he was here he wouldn’t have to hide what he was.
Overjoyed he gave Granny’s hand a lick before taking off to race through the vast meadows under the sun. With each step he took he felt its heat soaking through his slightly reddish brown fur. Everything was perfect but one thing. Where were the others? Had they not been able to find Paradise? The last thing he remembered was… Red.
Scarlet droplets falling like rain onto the pure white snow, infecting it with its sinister coloring. In some places the snow was melting into red pools because of the amount of the liquid that had been spilled in a concentr
:icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 2 3
Inuyasha Shipping Meme by GalaxyEclipse Inuyasha Shipping Meme :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 10 1 No. 6 Shipping Meme by GalaxyEclipse No. 6 Shipping Meme :icongalaxyeclipse:GalaxyEclipse 4 1
Home of the random shipping memes that I make on whim and fan fiction.


The Okumura Brothers by OneColoredLily The Okumura Brothers :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 83 15 Natsu Dragneel by OneColoredLily Natsu Dragneel :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 135 25 Highness by Brilcrist Highness :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 947 31 Newt n Credence by Brilcrist Newt n Credence :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 910 32 Viktor Nikiforov paint 1 by Brilcrist Viktor Nikiforov paint 1 :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,671 61 Jumin Han by Brilcrist Jumin Han :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 1,593 44 Ciel and Hot Cocoa by OneColoredLily Ciel and Hot Cocoa :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 125 22 Valentine 2017 -- Fullmetal Alchemist by OneColoredLily Valentine 2017 -- Fullmetal Alchemist :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 154 38 Edward Elric (6) by OneColoredLily Edward Elric (6) :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 151 21 Sango by OneColoredLily Sango :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 109 18 Mikayuu by OneColoredLily Mikayuu :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 120 25 InuYasha (10) by OneColoredLily InuYasha (10) :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 133 3 Sebastian (3) by OneColoredLily Sebastian (3) :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 137 23 Naruto x PokemonGo crossover Part 2 by Cassy-F-E Naruto x PokemonGo crossover Part 2 :iconcassy-f-e:Cassy-F-E 170 20 Final Fantasy XV: Camping Chocobros by behindinfinity Final Fantasy XV: Camping Chocobros :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 614 23 Under Rain by KhalilXPirates Under Rain :iconkhalilxpirates:KhalilXPirates 179 15
Amazing art and literature, what else?



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United States
I'm not an artist! Just your run of the mill high schooler that doesn't do homework on time. I probably won't be posting much besides fan fiction. I'm much more active on FanFiction under the same name. I can write competently, but besides that I can't really do that much. ^^; I play soccer on my school's team, and I'm in a choir. Really I'm quite the boring person. And I'm one of those people that DA members hate because I pay the most attention to fan art. I know I do it, seriously why point it out to me? I talk about characters enough to my family that to some extent they know them...

The bunnies in the picture are mine! Clockwise from the black one, which is the one my account is named after, Galaxy Eclipse. Shelby, Fireball, Bramble, Bunnicula, Willie, Hulk, Katniss and Nero. Nero is super fluffy and in my opinion the cutest.

I don't own stamps people. I clearly don't have the skill needed to create one.
Not That Type of Tolerance by DanileeNatsumi Stamp by zombieteddybear Anime Music Fan Stamp by moonprincessluna stamp by Metallikato Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Beagle Love Stamp by cloudrat German Shepherd Love Stamp by cloudrat Stamp: Soccer Player by RojoRamos - Sharingan - by Naruto-Stamps
Let me tell you that suddenly being pushed up to varsity for a 100 Themes: Sport  game is the most stressful and scary thing ever. I am perfectly content to be on jv this year. I know that I'm not quite to the point where I'm totally ready for varsity. We had a game this weekend and I knew that their team had some injuries (ours does as well) but I didn't think that I would actually get pulled to go play. If anyone I thought the juniors would get stuck over there because they have more experience than me. Last minute just running over there and changing jerseys for the win.

The part that I think made me dislike it so much was that I don't know anyone on the varsity team, even the people in my grade. Just their warm up was hardcore and their game was something else, even from the bench. I knew that when I ended up playing I was going to suck compared to the more skilled players, but I still disappointed myself. I couldn't even manage to make accurate passes or mark up on a person. I got into the 18 a few times on the opposite end, but the cross never made it because their box was packed full of their own players. Kind of glad though since then my sucky shot wouldn't be displayed. Man I made myself feel bad because I let myself down but I also feel really bad for the varsity players. They had to deal with me as a defender, which probably wasn't preferable to them. ^^" I know they didn't expect me to be perfect though, which helps me out a little bit.

Another player from our team got pulled up in the second half to come over and be the 2nd sub. And let me tell you, I don't know how she wasn't in varsity in the first place. She just sees all sorts of things that I don't catch. When she was playing it was cool to watch because she was able to just integrate into the team. She has so much more confidence than me... I just don't have it unless I'm in my own level of play I guess. I can feel outclassed by anyone! It's one of my more prominent characteristics really...

I did end up playing some of the game though, so I technically lettered this year. How exciting is that? A few games ago our only goalkeeper got pulled, and she didn't even step on the field. I feel really bad for her because she went ready to put herself on that goal line and do the best she could. That just shows me how hard practices should be... I guess I'm not trying hard enough. Well I talked about that game for no reason whatsoever and still haven't done the homework for Monk Emote - Meditate Siddhartha. I need to finish it before my family gets home and sees that I'm still on the computer... Which is soon. Ha ha ha...


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